Syncing Blackback with BES Express

I have a BES Express 5.0 Server working with Exchange 2010.  Everything is working sort of, users are getting their mail, if mail is marked as read or deleted from the blackberry, it syncs back without a problem.  If the message is marked as read in Outlook, it syncs to the BB, however if a message is deleted from Outlook, it stays on the BB and does not anywhere.

These are soft deletes, I have tested it.  I have enable hard deletes on the BESX, I increased the message number from 100 to 1000, I tried reloading the user.  Nothing is fixing this problem.  All of the Blackberrys have the same problem.

Does anyone have a solution?
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  Microsoft Outlook is configured to automatically empty the Deleted Items folder which permanently deletes email messages. When an email message is permanently deleted from the Microsoft Outlook inbox, it will not be deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone during email reconciliation.

Resolution 2

Make sure that Microsoft Outlook is not configured to empty the Deleted Items folder every time Microsoft Outlook is closed, by completing the following steps:

1.In Microsoft Outlook, under the Tools menu, select Options.
2.Click the Other tab.
3.Make sure that the check box beside Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting is not selected, then click OK.

and also please check on the device the below settings:

The Delete On option on the BlackBerry smartphone is set to Handheld. As a result, email messages deleted on the BlackBerry smartphone will not be deleted in the Microsoft Outlook inbox during email reconciliation.

Resolution 3

Change the Delete On option to Mailbox & Handheld, by completing the following steps:

1.On the BlackBerry smartphone Home screen select Messages.
2.Display the menu and select Options.
3.Select Email Reconciliation.
4.Highlight the Delete On option.
5.Display the menu and select Change Option.
6.Click Mailbox & Handheld.
Note: If the Delete On option is already set to Mailbox Handheld, change it to Handheld. Save the settings, and change it back to Mailbox & Handheld. Save the settings again.

MikeIT ProfessionalCommented:
Are the reconciliation properties correctly set on the blackberry.  Is the account on the blackberry itself set to sync deleted items?
commengAuthor Commented:
On the BESX I have the Inbox to bidirectional sync and on conflict, mailbox wins.  Is that what you are asking?  The blackberry is setup the same way.
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MikeIT ProfessionalCommented:

Thats a server setting.  Look for filters for the particular device.  Make sure all email is allowed regardless of what the subject is or who the sender is.
commengAuthor Commented:
There are no filters on any of the devices.
MikeIT ProfessionalCommented:
Then it could just be an error inside the software.  You could try to reinstall the BESX to see if the problem clears
commengAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I already tried that, did not work.
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