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Creating a link from a SQL database to an Access database using in Crystal

I have a SQL Server database that I am trying to link table to an Oracle database.  Crystal does not like this and keeps giving me a fatal error.   I would like to convert the SQL database to an Access database, but keep the data current.  I tried to create an ODBC connection so the SQL tables would link in Access.  I still cannot connect the Access source table to the Oracle table.
1) I opened Access 2007
2) I gave the filename as Access SQL
3) I clicked the Create button
4) I went to External Data tab and clicked More
5)I selected ODBC database
6) Picked Link to the data source by creating a linked table
7)Selected Machine Datasource tab
8) Chose Pickpro (my SQL source)
9) Said Ok
10) selected my table INVENTORY Map
11) Double clicked on dbo.INVENTORY MAP
12) Received all my rows and columns
13) Is this live data? Is it being updated when I display it?
14) Picked Save as 2002-2003 databse
15) Put it in my network folder
What did I do wrong?  
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