Pass two vlans over same port.

If I make a 3Com switch port link-type and permit trunk port to passed vlan 1 and 2 both works.
How do I pass two vlans on the same port on a HP 3500Y switch.
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Hello, you can try this :

Lets say we are talking about port 10
Vlan 1 is DEFAULT and Vlan 2 is ADMIN

vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT"
   untagged 10
vlan 2
   name "ADMIN"
   tagged 10
molly22Author Commented:
I  have tried this. Vlan one is data, Vlan 2 is VOIP, When I untagg 1 and tagg 2 I lose connection to switch.
When you untagg 1 and tag 2 , your computer must also be connected to a switch port that is also untagged in lan1. You network card must not have any vlan configuration set.
The switch IP address must be in Vlan 1
vlan 1
   name "DATA"
   untagged 1
   ip-address 192.168.X.X (or any other IP configuration)

Can you confirm ?
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