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Hello All,

I have a file at network called //CCEdit/english/my.txt. I have a javastoredprocedure, (basically a java class loaded as a function).
When I execute the procedure it says

java.security.AccessControlException: the Permission (java.io.FilePermission /CCEDIT/english/my.text read),

Even if I have executed the
dbms_java.grant_permission( 'SCOTT', 'SYS:java.io.FilePermission', '/CCEDIT/english/my.text', 'read' ). It still complains for the same error.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
The OS owner of the oracle software.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Does oracle have read access on it?

ls -al /CCEDIT/english/my.text
dojjolAuthor Commented:
u mean oracle user or oracle.
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Is that one leading slash ("/") or two ("//")?  You used both in different places in your question.

The owner (the O/S user account) of the Oracle database software will need to have read permission on this file before you can grant permission in the database with dbms_java.  From the database server, does the owner of the Oracle software have permission to see and read this file?  
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