Capturing network speeds

There are three networks that are connected by 100 meg lines to each building.  I called our carrier to have them test out the lines.  I tried to test out the usage of bandwidth.  I came across this program and tried it out.  Does anyone know of a program that I can use to test out the speeds between the locations?

Thank you
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
What was wrong with the one you tried?

You could do it a bit more manually by using Filezilla and do a timed ftp transfer.  Or, just do a big Windows (or whatever) file transfer and time it.  

Timing with a stopwatch is a good way to wash away all the system details and just get you what reality might be.  Thus a big file.

you can even simulate different types of traffic, some limited but free testing is available.

You need to install 2 endpoints (one for each site)
In windows, you can just transfer a few large files all at once, from one PC to another PC's network share (in another building). Open task manager and watch the network tab - accurate and simple. In Linux, do the same thing with the transfer, but install and use iptraf to monitor speeds.

You could also just setup a small  speedtest webserver in the central building, and run tests from the buildings to it. You can get a free copy of the extremely popular ookla speedtest here:
It runs on most webservers, using either PHP, ASP.NET or ASP.
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