Mice Freezing up with NComputing Station?

I have a Dell Optiplex 745 workstation set up with NComputing. The NComputing Card is an X550 series. There are 5 satellite workstations and 1 primary, and after so long the Mice on the satellite workstations freeze up. They appear to be on, and the keyboard still works, also the mouse and keyboard on the main workstation continue to work, however the Mice still freeze up on the NComputing monitor workstations. The only solution I know that works is to restart the entire machine every time this happens, is there any other known, or possible solutions?

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This is just a SWAG, but take a look:


Let us know if it helps.
BASDRaidersAuthor Commented:
Though the link wasn't quite to the same model as the one I was having issues, the first solution to update the firmware appears to have worked. I've had no more reports of mice freezing since.
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