how to subtract 2 from from my datetime value in t-sql

I have a field in my table called capturedate which stores a float value which looks like something like this - 40821.28441

my t-sql code is like this:

declare @mypunchdate datetime;
set @mypunchdate = cast(capturedate as datetime);

this code converts the value to a datetime value fine - now what I need to do is before I pass @mypunchdate to my stored procedure I need to subtract 2 from it - so I need to add more code above so it takes that capturedate subtracts 2 and then I put it in my @mypunchdate variable.

What would the code look like to do this above?

Thanks so much in advance. I am lost when it comes to t-sql.
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since it is logically datetime value, you need to substract 2 of what? minutes, seconds, days, ticks?
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
I agree. It matters what we are talking about. In numerical form, datetime value represents the number of days since date 0 (i.e., 1900-01-01 00:00:00.000) with the decimal part being the time stamp. Therefore, to subtract two days, you can do this before conversion by simply subtracting two from the float.

declare @capturedate float = 40821.28441, @offset float = 2.0;
declare @mypunchdate datetime;
set @mypunchdate = cast(@capturedate - @offset as datetime);
select @mypunchdate;

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Otherwise, you will need to perform DATEADD() based on specific date part you want to affect as eluded to by vvk. e.g., DATEADD(minute, -2, @capturedate)

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samic400Author Commented:
I need to subtract 2 from days only from that float field.
samic400Author Commented:
This code is exactly what I needed. Thank you.
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