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Hi Experts

I have form1 where we register all Sections, for example sake we'll use Section1, Section2, Section3. This form have a CheckBox that decides what type of Plans are allowed to create, the options are Semi Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and Periodic.

When user create a document with form2, and select the Section from a Combobox, OnChange event will set some fields value, which is working fine except for the Checkbox field.
The CheckBox field have the same values as form1, computed.

How can we fix that ? hope my explanation is clear. Cheers

Faraj1969System AdministratorAsked:
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So the two forms are similar in that they both have a checkbox with computed options.
Do you mean it is an editable check box (1st tab on field prop) and the options are based on formula (2nd tab on field prop).

Primary is ensure that checkbox field has the option "Refresh choices on document refresh" and that combobox has option "Refresh fields on keyword change"
or that your OnChange code does not cause an error which would stop the refresh event happening.

Faraj1969System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Form1 have the CheckBox editable, Form2 have it computed, the Administrator will set the CheckBox value in Form1. In Form2, based on the user selection for the Section, the CheckBox will just show what values the Administrator selected in Form1. I was able to do that with all other text fields, but not the CheckBox. Also I already did the options you mentioned. Many thanks for the response and support.
A computed check box is just a field as it's value is fixed, so not really a good idea to have it computed.
You may as well just have a text field that is computed and that will save all this problem. If you want it to look good then have some hide formulas that show tick graphic next to selected options.


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Faraj1969System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for the support.

Best wishes
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