Customer is a branch of a large company and wants SBS2011 - E-Mails - Using POP3 emails from the company's HDQ. In about 2-3 years each branch will have it's own email address and Exchange server.  But for now they are using POP3 emails.  My question - How to disable Exchange server for now and in three years to enable the server.  I've disable all the exchange services but SBS Console get getting error messages because Exchang is disabled.  Any suggestions on how to disable Exchange withour removing Exchange?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The CUSTOMER wants SBS?  Have you advised them that this is not an appropriate solution for a large company branch office?  Consider the excessive costs of the SBS CALs compared to standard server CALs.  Consider the lost functionality because you've disabled exchange (health reports, for example).  Consider that you cannot EVER link the SBS network fully to the main offices of the company.  

It's also not clear to me - do they ALREADY have SBS or do they "want" it?
karllangstonSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
are the users doing individual POP collection from head office. why do you need to disable it? it can just sit there doing nothing, except health reports etc to an admin user.

if the users are POP collecting you just as well install a 3rd party pop collector for exchange 2010 and let the exchange look after the email, at least then your customer has 2 copies of the mail, 1 on the exchange and another on each of the outlook clients. Sending would be your only issue.

are you not able to use outlook anywhere, http over RPC, imap even instead of POP
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