Multiple SMTP addresses and ability to SEND AS each.

Exchange 2007, on WIN2003

I have a user with a primary domain of:

He also has other domains tied to his mailbox/account

He recieves mail from the primary and the alternates above without problems.

If he wants to send an email through outlook 2007 as the primary everything works well, If the user decides to alter the FROM field to any of the alternates, the server replies to him with :


Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

You are not allowed to send this message because you are trying to send on behalf of another sender without permission to do so. Please verify that you are sending on behalf of the correct sender, or ask your system administrator to help you get the required permission.


The interesting thing, if he was to put his primary SMTP in the FROM address -- it would puke with the same error.

So how can I give SEND AS permissions to the user that is the user (not another accout or mail box)?

Creating a Distro for each user for each SMTP account then using EMS to apply the sendas rights etc works. But with 100's of users this can get really annoying. What am I doing wrong?

If the User has 4 SMTP addresses and ca recieve mail from them, why can the user use the FROM address for any of the SMTP addresses?

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or This has always been a problem, the send as permission and from field is for when a user has another mailbox opened for example in outlook.

The only "solution" i foud to this was to adda dummy pop3 account in outlook, incoming server can be bogus, but outgoing fill in the exchange server, then he can choose from which account to mail... this is not at all a solution
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