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stock data downloader consistently gets hit by viruses, how to prevent?

I am doing virtual trading with my PC. I paid $29.95 for a one month subscription to this
service that is for downloading the stock market data, so that I can prepare my trading
strategies in the spare time that I have after work. This data service will not access the
data because the computer says "remote server can not be found". (The same error happened
with a competitor's downloading product). Is there something about the nature of financial
packages that I should be alerted to in order to keep out what apparently is the result of a virus? Is there some antivirus related package that I should subscribe to for example so
that I can say that "...the cost of having the stock market virtual trading is exactly ...X dollars per month?" I don't like the idea of having hidden costs in the project. I would rather know in advance EXACTLY how much money it takes to do the virtual trading per month.
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