Router Conflict

A HughesNet modem/router and a Linksys wireless router are connected to an ethernet switch.  I am trying to get a Foscam wired/wireless camera to link to the Linksys wireless router.  The camera is obtaining its IP address from the Hughesnet DHCP consequently when the camera is taken off from wired mode it cannot see the Linksys router due to the assigned IP address.

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Sounds like you have two wireless devices. If you configure the Linksys SSID and security to something differant from the HughesNet, then you should be able to get your camera to only connect to the linksys.  
If that doesnt work and the camera keeps finding and auto associating with the hughes, see if you can just turn off wireless in the HughsNet router.  
SouljaSenior Network EngineerCommented:
I have a Foscam camera. I also have 5 SSID's in my home. When you setup the camera, you are able to pick which SSID you want to connect to.  

It sounds like you have dhcp enable on both device. Why? If so, you will continue to have this problem.
Is there a reason/need for two 'routers'?

Or is your intention to be using the Linksys as an access point because it has wireless capability and you are choosing to use that in lieu of obtaining an 'access point'?

IF #2 is the case, and you do not actually require two routers, then to use the linksys as an access point... you could set it up something along these lines....
On the linksys
 - diable the wan and do not use it
 - disable the built in DHCP.
 - set its LAN IP address to some available LAN address from the Hughsnet subnet
 - be sure to set its LAN Default Gateway to the Hughsnet LAN IP.

You would use the available lan ports on both the hughsnet and linksys for your network.  Wireless devices connecting to the Linksys will be together on the same LAN as your wired devices.

If this is not your intention, and you need the linksys to be an independent network, then basically you are going to have to setup a route between the two subnets, or a route for the camera ip so it can transparently communicate to/thru the Hughsnet.

Something along those lines.
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Oh, and the camera would/should only be connected wired OR wirelessly, of course.
Marl_KaneAuthor Commented:
Problem solved, rearranged router configuration.

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Marl_KaneAuthor Commented:
Solved problem before received suggestions.
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