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Hi, I just received my new laptop with Windows 7.  Can someone tell me how I can move my emails from Microsoft Outlook 2003 as well as my Bookmarks from Firefox?  I have a cable to connect the two laptops together but don't know where to look for the data files.
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Depends on where your outlook was before.
Your outlook data will be in outlook.pst
or outlook1.pst.

It is generally found in

c:\documents and settings\<yourusername>\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook
folder (this just from memory)

These are hidden system folders. You will have to unhide them before you will see them, but if you just type in their path you will be able to get to them.

On the windows 7 box you can tell outlook to do an import and point it to that PST file and it will import everything to it.

BTW, if you are looking for a nice free alternative to Outlook, try Thunderbird.

Firefox stores its bookmarks in a similar fashion.
You will be looking for a bookmarks.html file.

It will be in something like:
c:\Documents and Settings\<yourusername>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ssw5twb3.default

The ssw5twb3,.default will be a different name on your machine. Inside of that look for the bookmarks.html file.  Copy that to your new machine and import into firefox.
The new firefox can sync also--to avoid this if you are running both machines.
You can avoid this hassle by getting an account at and storing your bookmarks online.
Marc ZCommented:
you could also try looking for windows settings and transfer wizard.  that should pick up almost everything you need.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Many thanks to all
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