Change Header names in DataTable (Structured References) - Excel 2007+

I have a large data table in Excel 2010. If I add a new column, it defaults the name of that column to "Column#". Is there any way to change the name?

So for example if I put a formula in cell A4 referencing cell D4 (which is part of a data table), the reference will become "=[@Column3]" for example. I want to change that to "=[@mycolname]"

Any easy way to do this? I'm comfortable with VBA but was hoping for a non VBA solution

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You can simply overtype the column headings and Excel updates any structured references to the new name.  Is this what you're looking for? - it seems too easy!
m4trixAuthor Commented:
Oh, I have the column headers hidden, so that would explain why I didn't realize that... Lol

I think the only way to change them without showing the column headers is through VBA though...
Yes - that's not difficult to do, but I'd need to know what your requirement was - for example how would you trigger the rename, what column, what new name, etc
m4trixAuthor Commented:
It's static - a one time thing. I'm pretty proficient in VBA so it was no big deal. For anyone searching behind this, I simply created a loop that went something like this:

ActiveSheet.ListObjects(1).ListColumns(x).Name = "new_col_name"

where x is the column # you wish to rename
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