iPad/iPhone - modify hosts file

I need to force an iPad and iPhone to recognize a domain by modding the hosts file inside the devices. I've googled but can't find a clear answer. Anyone tried this?
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fix your DNS, it's a much better solution than trying to modify the hosts file

I'm going to guess that the domain name of the internal jabber server is not the usual internal domain name, if so, you will need to add a new zone to your DNS server.

d4nnyoAuthor Commented:

PS -- the iPads are running 4.3.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Why do you need to force the iPad's - can't you tweak DNS?
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d4nnyoAuthor Commented:

I have to force a private IP to see a Jabber server. The domain is not registering properly on the LAN. It's an issue that I can't solve right now without a ton of work. Anyway only Jabber is affected. Modding host files is the fast way around it.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Are the devices Jailbroken and do you have SSH on them?

If they are and you do, then the hosts file can be found under /private/etc/hosts and you can use something like WinSCP.

If not, then I'm not sure how you are going to access the file(s) to edit them.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
It has to be via a jailbreak.
d4nnyoAuthor Commented:

You have the right answer, I'm sure, but I'm not a DNS expert and so this post will venture off-topic, I guess.

Our Windows 2008 DNS Server is "domainname.local" (I didn't set up this box).

Our Xserve Jabber domain name is "jabber-server.sample.com" with the IP

When I go to add an A Record on the 2008 server on domainname.local, it FQDNs as "jabber-server.sample.com.domainname.local."

On the Apple server, I can ping "jabber-server.sample.com" and it resolves correctly to

On the Windows server, I can ping "jabber-server.sample.com" but it resolves to OpenDNS, our DNS provider.

We do have other Forward lookup zones on the Windows server, including "domainname.com" and "companyname.com."

Is there any way I can add this A Record on my 2008 server, or some other way to let the LAN know where to find "jabber-server.sample.com?"
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