Oracle 10g R2 on windows 7 64 bit

I tried to download the Oracle 10g r2 and to install it for windows 7 64 bit from this link:

but the problem  it is failed in for the installation and i found this in the link above :
4. If installing on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, then patchset or higher must be used. (My Oracle Support)

but i have not an account on Oracle to download the patch set .

can any body help me downloading this patch set and installing the oracle 10g r2 on windows 7 64 bit ?

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Sorry but no support, no patch.

On mobile and cannot open the link but how did the install fail?

If it was on the OS check, you can ignore the prerequisite check and it might install.  It won't be 'supported' but since you don't have support it shouldn't matter.
- have you tried re-download the installer? maybe the file get corrupted. i've using the same download link on my Windows 7 Ultimate before, and it works fine.

- i'm assuming the error is on pre-requisite check? you can skip the check by running the installer from command prompt and specify -ignoreSysPrereqs flag eg: Runinstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs
this will skip the check and allow you to install Oracle 10g on Windows 7.

Franck PachotCommented:

It is not sufficient to run it with –ignoreSysPrereqs you have to add version “6.1” in the database\install\oraparam.ini In the install directory. There is a “[Certified Versions]” which lists Windows=4.0,5.0,5.1,5.2,6.0 and you have to add ,6.1 at the end.

Of course, not supported, but should work.


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- i believe a split is appropriate as i've suggested the –ignoreSysPrereq in much earlier. even without the 6.1 tweak, it will continue install once you specified –ignoreSysPrereq during install.
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