Dumpster and Backups


Running Exchange 2007 SP3. We have the following backup cycle:

Friday night: Full backup
Other nights: Incrementals (to clear logs)

Our Keep Deleted Items setting is 5 days.

One of our users has lost some important emails, he think he may have deleted them, but he can't be sure when.

We've checked the Recover Deleted Items, but they're not in there, which effectively means he's not deleted them in the last 5 days.

Does anyone know if the Dumpster is backed up with Exchange mailbox backups? I assume so, since it's part of the mailbox.

Does this mean we can:

1. Restore his mailbox (from 2 weeks back) to RSG
2. Run the restore-mailbox command to restore from RSG to a test mailbox
3. In the test mailbox, check Recover Deleted Items for any items?

Is this all possible?

Also, I understand that Recover Deleted Items is on a per-folder basis. Is there any way to view the Dumpster for this entire mailbox?
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I don't believe the dumpster is backed up, it should be purged after 5 days.  did you check the recover deleted items through outlook or owa?

Do you have a PST for this user, or the number of emails was small enough to fit into the mailbox?
1. The dumpster is part of the database so the data will be within a DB backup, however I don't think the dumpster items are accessible via the RSG nor via ExMerge i.e. it can pull back items that are in the deleted items folder at the time of backup, but not hard deleted items http://searchexchange.techtarget.com/news/969555/Recovering-deleted-messages-and-mailboxes-from-backup-media

2. Do you know if the user did a regular delete (moves items to deleted items folder) or a hard delete SHIFT+DELETE?  If it s hard delete then the items don't get put into the deleted items folder they get deleted in place and you can see them when logged in as the user IF you run this regedit fix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/246153 and IF you know the folder they were deleted from and IF you get to that area before the deleted item retention period.

3. If the above doesn't work for you there are 3rd party products that can do this, just search Google for something like "recover hard deleted items from offline database"

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Thanks for the points and glad I was able to assist
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