How do you properly remove an AD user account with/& Exchange 2010 SP1 mailbox?

Hi, I am new to Exchange 2010 & know that it surely works differently than Exchange 2003 did.  Especially when it comes to creating/deleting user accounts & mailboxes.

I was wondering what is the proper way to delete an AD user account that has an Exchange 2010 mailbox with it?  Essentially deleting the mailbox too.

I tried deleting the AD user account in ADUC and it left the mailbox on the Exchange 2010, but didn't give me an option to purge the mailbox like the Exchange 2003 days.

Thanks in advance.
rsnellmanIT ManagerAsked:
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I think that you'll find the solution on this page:

rsnellmanIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yep, that is what I was looking for.

Awesome I can still delete within Exchange and it will carry over to the AD.

Glad to help!
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