captcha bypass

how can i bypass captcha of sites in 2008??? any helps
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erm, captchas shouldn't be bypassed, they are there for a reason?

and there wouldn't be a general answer anyway, as each captcha type would require a bypass mechanism (some kind of ocr software).

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hax1 nailed it. Captchas are not for bypassing and you can not write a single software to bypass all captchas as each site uses its own technique.
Hugh McCurdyCommented:
Agreed.  If you could generically bypass a Captcha, there wouldn't be so many in use.
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rosa545Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

no answer given
Hugh McCurdyCommented:
I'm not going to click object but I will support either of the other experts if they do click object.  hax1's answer is correct.
There is no answer to this.
Hugh McCurdyCommented:
As I indicated, I support hax1's position.  IMHO, hax1 should get all the points.  (This is a dispute over 20 points?)
actually I don't care about the points - deletion of the question would also be ok :)
Hugh McCurdyCommented:
Aside -- I knew someone whose PhD dissertation was 1600 pages demonstrating and explaining why something didn't work.  It's too bad, because if the method did work, we'd have faster computers.  What he did was deter someone else from wasting time using the hypothesis didn't  work.
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