How to allow access to VLAN from outside (ASA and 881)

I have two Cisco routers ASA5510 and 881.
881 has two vlans, VLAN1 and VLAN2. VLAN1 is on sub-net and computers from VLAN1 can communicate and authenticate to which is a domain server.
How can I configure 881 so it will allow communication the other way around? If I try to ping VLAN1 or access the  computer ( from i am unable to do it.

Please check the attached txt with 881 config and the image with network layout.

Thank you for your help.
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Easy right off the bat:

Your host probably does not have a route to, make sure you have that route on your ASA:

ip route 255.255.255
Don S.Commented:
The ASA is not a router.  It is a firewall and as such, it likely would have rules not allowing ping to go through in that direction.  check the rules in the asa to see what is explicitly allowed through.
kesermAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply!


Did you mean:
ip route 255.255.255

I'll have to wait until morning to make the change.
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 and yeah i jimped a bit too ahead of myself, make sure icmp echo and echo reply are allowed on the firewall
kesermAuthor Commented:
ASA does not allow 'ip route' command, I get:
'Invalid input detected at '^' marker.'

This is in production so I can't play much wit it. Should I use:

route inside 255.255.0
kesermAuthor Commented:

'route inside 255.255.0' worked.

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