The backup-to-disk device is out of free space in Backup Exec 2010

I have a 600GB external USB hard drive as a backup device.
For some reason, the backup fails with the message "The backup-to-disk device is out of free space". I created a job to overwrite the media, but apparently it is not working anymore ... it used to work. If I manually format the external USB, it will backup ok for one day and very next day it won't backup. Why does it overwrite the media before it starts to backup?

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sgleeAuthor Commented:
As seen in attached, I did not check the checkbox for "Low disk space ...". Please seee 3rd screen shot
Is this perhaps caused by the "Keep Data for 4 Weeks" under Media Set column in Job Setup section? Please see 1st screen shot in attached.

Why doesn't it overwrite anyway?
Andy De MaesschalckCommented:
The issue is probably indeed the 4 weeks.
This is your retention of your backup media.
Backup images will not be deleted before they have reached the 4 weeks.
You need to set your backup media to 1 day retention or buy a bigger disk to save more backups :-)
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Just a tip, if you tick the allocate the maximum size for backup-to-disk files tickbox it will stop your disk getting fragmented. Apart from that it looks like you're on the right track, wrong media set maybe or retention period wrong; note that retention period timer starts after the job completes so for a 4 week cycle you set 27 days, not 28.

You also shouldn't just format the B2D device to wipe it since that doesn't delete the stuff out of the catalog and can confuse BE, so you have to delete the b2dxxxx through backup exec, not just through Windows.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Sorry for late reply.
I attached two screen shots in the attached file.
1. Current Backup Job Definition that uses media set with "Keep Data for 4 Weeks"
2. Media Sets that has Keep Data for 4 Weeks.
I think this is the problem. How can I remove this constraint from Media set so that every media can be erased every day?
Click on the media tab at the top, select the media set and edit its properties to change the overwrite protection period. (better change the name too since that says keep data for 4 weeks).

Alternatively create a new media set with a shorter retention period and change the job's properties to use that media set.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
As showen in the attached file, the overwirte protection period is set to 0 hours.
Is that correct?

sgleeAuthor Commented:
I have decided to use Windows Server Backup program that came with SBS2011.
This Symantec Backupexec is overly complicated. I want something simple - backup every day at a scheduled time and overwrite the data on diskt each time when it backs up.
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