Dell R610 Unified Server Configurator OS Install RAID Cfg option


I have a bare R610 and I would like to install Windows 2008 R2 via USC.

The USC page has the option to either: 1) Configure RAID, 2) Proceed to install OS.

Below the options, it shows the current cfg:
PERC H700:
Virtual disk 0, RAID1
Virtual disk 1, RAID5

( Nothing shown under here )

I want to install the OS on VD0, RAID1. Doesn't this mean I'm good to go? Or, do I still need to choose Configure RAID?

Also, what's the 6Gbps SAS HBA entry?
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If the raid is already configured(which it seems to be) choose proceed to os install.
You can safely proceed to install your OS unless you wanna chnage the RAID configuration and disk sizes!

For HBA please see
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