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Exchange Server Transport problems - SPAM...

Hi Guys,

Recently install an exchange server and now the Transport Services is killing the server. I checked the queue and found thousands of these;

Identity: Exchange1\5\56632
Subject: Undeliverable: ¡¹¡¹§A¬O»{¯u·Q´î­«¤S¾á¤ß´_­Dªº¤H¶Ü?¡¹¡¹%WORD_2
Internet Message ID: <a9d060fe-66f6-447f-bfcd-390059bcd444@mydomain.com.au>
From Address: <>
Status: Ready
Size (KB): 25
Message Source Name: DSN
Source IP:
SCL: -1
Date Received: 10/6/2011 9:28:02 AM
Expiration Time: 10/8/2011 9:28:02 AM
Last Error:
Queue ID: Exchange1\5
Recipients:  pmutvpk@yahoo.com

Whats going on?

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