Android Market does not download?

Have a Coby Kyros MID7015A that I recently rooted and upgraded to Honeycomb from original 2.1 os. Everything was successful but when I download from market, it downloaded one item, now it doesn't download anything else. It says "Your item will be downloaded" and I see the download arrow in the notification bar for about a second, disappears and nothing else happens. I have cleared data and cache in Android Market, removed sd card, rebooted, wiped cache partition but still the same. Any ideas? Thx...
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I don't have a specific answer for you, other than I'm not the least bit surprised considering you rooted the device and upgraded the OS.
xav1963Author Commented:
A true android fan would know that rooting or upgrading is no big deal ... it is like upgrading vista to win7...yes there might be some bugs but you figure them out and add another notch on your belt as another challenge won. I think I am in the wrong forum for this question... better to ask in thx anyway...
xav1963Author Commented:
no answer here....just wanted to close question...
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