Connecting Tivo and Xbox 360 to very old TV

I have an old 19" Panasonic TV that currently has a Series 2 Tivo and Comcast DTA box connected to it. I'm now trying to throw an Xbox 360 into the mix.  I'm not sure how to do that since the TV only has one set of AV jacks and it is currently being used by the Tivo.  I've read in other forums that you can use a VCR to McGyver this altogether but I don't see how and can't find any diagrams that will show it.  Can anyone help me out here?  I have an ancient Phillips VCR that I can use if necessary.
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Without knowing what a Comcast DTA is (basically a digital converter box?), I would say:
- hook the vcr to the tv
- hook the DTA to the RF of the vcr
- hook the xbox to the a/v of the vcr

That's the way my set up is.
I have 2 digital converters hooked into 2 vcrs (1 each). 1 into the RF and 1 into the a/v of the tv. Then the xbox (original) plugs into one of the a/vs on a vcr.
Glitterati2006Author Commented:
How is the Tivo hooked into all of this?
whoops. Looks like I misread the Q.  So the DTA goes to the Tivo, which goes to the a/v on the tv?
I though one went to the a/v and the other to the RF.

Then the easy way is to hook the vcr to the RF of the tv and the xbox to the a/v of the vcr. Then all you have to do is switch between channel 3 or 4 (for the xbox) and a/v (L1) for the DTA-Tivo.

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>> 3 or 4 (for the xbox) and a/v (L1) for the DTA-Tivo.

That would be on the tv.
Glitterati2006Author Commented:
You sir, truly are a genius!  That was so unbelievably simple. I can't thank you enough!
Thank you much.   ; )
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