OWA subdomain record/redirection

I have an sbs 2011 server. I would like to setup a record/redirection for Exchange OWA, but keep the remote web access available as well.

Currently https://remote.domain.com goes to remote web access - this works fine.

I would like to add a record/redirection for OWA. I would like the Internet users to use this, the local users run the full version of outlook, but if we could add the same config for the local users, that would be great too.

What I would like to have:
Instead of typing https://remote.domain.com/owa, I would like to have https://owa.domain.com send the users to the OWA login page.

I have a ucc ssl so I can add the alt names to it if necessary.

So ultimately I would like:
https://remote.domain.com go to the remote web access - it is currently doing this fine
https://owa.domain.com go to Exchange OWA login page & to top this off if the user enters owa.domain.com that it redirects to https://remote.domain.com/owa

Sorry if I used the wrong terminology, but I think you get the idea.

I would like be able to do this through the gui, I am not too good with scripts.

Thank you for the help ;)
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AcesStraightsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I think I got it. Testing of owa.domain.com redirects to https://owa.domain.com/owa & remote.domain.com redirects to https://remote.domain.com/remote.

I did paragraph two from delandale setting the external url to https://owa.domain.com for Outlook Web App & Exchange Control Panel (EMC said to do ECP after I applied to OWA).

Then I performed the steps I found on another website. Here are their steps.
1.Select the default website in IIS.
2.Select the content view at the bottom to see the documents in the root of the directory.
3.Highlight the iisstart.htm file and hit the "switch to features view" Now we are looking at the features for just this one file.
4.Now select the HTTP Redirect button and check the box for "Redirect request to this destination" and put in "/owa" (no quotes).
5.Hit apply.
6. Perform and IISreset and test.

Tested it externally and internally, with remote.domain.com & owa.domain.com and it works....Oh Yah!!!

I tried both of the suggestions with no luck then tried this and it worked.

It doesn't exactly make sense, but I think it is because of some redirection built into SBS 2011 and their setup for remote.domain.com.

What do you think? Do you see any issues or have any comments?
In IIS Manager, you can configure a redirect, When you open up IIS manager, goto the Default Website or root and in the right hand payne, you can then select HTTP redirect. In there you can add the full URL with the OWA sub folder.

You will then need to go through each and every sub folder as it tends to add this redirect to all the other applications (folders), you will need to remove these additional redirects or OWA, EAS etc will break.

Once done, restart IIS by running IISRESET from Powershell or Command prompt.

You can do this via the Exchange Management Console. Select the 'Server Configuration' parent node from the left hand menu and select the server running the Client Access Server role then select 'Assign Services to Certificate' from the right hand menu. Choose your UC certificate (with appropriate name added to it) and assign all services to it.

Next, select the 'Client Access' child node from the left hand menu. Select the externally facing Client Access Server from the server list in the box at the top / middle then right-mouse-click on the OWA (Default Web Site) entry in the box directly below (under the Outlook Web Access tab) and select 'Properties'. Change the external URL to reflect your required configuration (https://owa.domain.com in this case) and hit apply.

You will need to preform that last step for each item under each tab if you would like to use the new name for any of the other services. You will also need to reset IIS in order for the changes to take effect. You can issue 'iisreset' from a command line to do so.
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AcesStraightsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Delandale, but I am running Exchange 2010. The menus are different, plus I am running SBS 2011. I believe the import of the cert is already done through the SBS wizard.

I performed paragraph two, but I get the iis7 emblem when I goto https://owa.domain.com

Can you please take a look at this? Thanks....
My method works, it's how I'm doing it on my dogfood rig.
AcesStraightsAuthor Commented:
Yes I believe you are correct Radweld, I guess I should clarify. I meant to say I tried it on delandale's comments. I believe he is right too, but I didn't have the same menus as he described. I didn't like that you had to do all those edits with your suggestion. I saw many websites saying to do it that way. The way I did was much cleaner and required minimal edits. Thanks for helping though!
I was describing exchange 2010. Apologies if my post was a bit confusing.
AcesStraightsAuthor Commented:
Solved the problem by searching the web and found the solution on another website.
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