Different FP Slides for each JoomlaFish translation

Is it possible to have different FrontPoint Slideshow for each JoomlaFish translation of the same page?

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In general yes though it depends on how the slideshow extension works, and I do not know FrontPoint if that is what you meant was the extension you are planning to use.

If it is a module with a folder for is images and parameters controlling its display for instance, JoomFish would generally provide access to these folder and parameter specification and allow you to vary these by language when you select Modules for the particular language.

It might be a matter of selecting a slide show module extension that supports JoomFish.

I am travelling at present and only online once or twice a day - but will be happy to respond further if you have additional questions.
tomfolinsbeeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer and apologies for the delayed reply.
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