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Hi Experts,

Need Experts advice. Is that any application that able to convert Excel Workbook into Web Page with all function intact including macro/vba?  
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You can display the data, but the macros won't run without Excel. It's possible someone makes an Excel plugin that you could have all of the users install that would run the macros. Not sure if that's a possibility.

You'll have to convert the macros to some other programming language such as javascript.

Some links that offer some more insight:

The one case I could potentially see this working is having the user open the file through Internet Explorer on an intranet or trusted site. It might work then, but it wouldn't surprise me if the security settings were still locked down.

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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
This may not be what you are after but a situation I have seen and was involved in the development of.

We had an Intranet based Reporting model which pulled data from SAP Business Warehouse (BW). The Financial elements of this were stored in an Excel workbook as these were not available in BW.

There was a hyperlink on the Intranet page which linked to the Excel file on a shared directory, the intranet page required login details so the access to the shared directory was relatively safe; permissions were set to the relevant people anyway.

The Excel file was then set to go full screen and go to a menu page on opening. The file also had navigation options within it, VBA driven.

Hope this helps.

Rob H
CartilloAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help
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