SignOut() doesnt work??

Hi all,

At the logoff page from our website i do following:

But the user isnt Signed out at all,
when i read the membership.GetUser ill get the providerkey back of the person who is trying to logoff  (Response.Write(Membership.GetUser().ProviderUserKey.ToString()))

Am i missing something??

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I don't know so much from experience, but this may help you out:
paulleyAuthor Commented:
@quizwedge: tried that one already without success :(

must say: I'm using cross-side logins
Im loggin on at than i move to, at this point im loggin off
the return url is presented ( and at that point of time the Membership.GetUser() is returning te currently logged off user
Are you trying to log off of from I don't have an answer, at least yet, for that, but just trying to clarify for anyone else that comes across this question.
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paulleyAuthor Commented:
Thank you,

Yes, im sharing the login session betweeen both sites, therefor ive enabled crosssite login in the web.config.

So it can be possible that a user Logs in on the domainA site, moves to the part, does his accounting thing, and logs off in that site.

Hope this is clear :D
About to head to bed, but wanted to throw out one more suggestion. Since you're doing cross-site stuff anyway, what about a page at that you can call from Basically, ignore the advice in this article so that you can do cross-site requests:

Would reducing the ticket lifetime help? It still wouldn't be an immediate logout, but you could set it to 1 minute.

Finally, there are some suggestions at for which I'm currently too tired to figure out if they apply or not. They might, so I'm including them. :)

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paulleyAuthor Commented:
Problem still exist. looking for workaround.
Thanx for the replies
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