Frozen (Sometimes) Dell BIOS Screen

We have an old Dell Dimension E521..  Every few boots, the BIOS stops half way (see picture below).  

 Dell BIOS
We turn it off and turn it back on and it works (most of the time).  Sometimes it needs a few more off and ons before it works.  Thoughts?
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Hi, try installing the newest bios (1.1.4)

If not try resetting everything (take out the bios battery for 10min without any power and plug it all back in).

hopefully one of these should work

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Could be a failing Hard Drive, where it is having an issue trying to detect.
Try unplugging the drive and reboot couple of times to see if it boots fine.
Also run some HDD Diagnostics
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Resetting BIOS. May help but likely a system board component refusing to initialise and sign of incipient hardware failure.  Have you run Dell's diagnostics on it?

Is that the point it fails or just an example screen photo?

Does it always stall at about the same point on the progess bar?
>We turn it off and turn it back on and it works (most of the time).  Sometimes it needs a few more off and ons before it works.

You probably have bad capacitors, either in the power supply or motherboard.  This shows up when you try to boot after the machine has been turned off for a while (but doesn't show up when you restart the system after it's already been up and running).  Try a different compatible power supply, but if it's the motherboard, you'll have to replace it (or replace the capacitors by unsoldering them and installing new ones - see
here some things that can help :
verify the bios battery - it can be low; it should read 3 V; if not replace it
it can be a disk drive, taking longer to spin up - in the bios disable quick boot, to give it longer time
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