Intermittent roaming profile error 1521 Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 RODC


We have a strange problem with a remote network running on a Read Only Domain Controller; sometimes, when a user logs in their roaming profile fails to load, causing them to fall back to a local profile (and preventing access to shares on the network). The error from Event Viewer shows the following:

Error ID 1521
Access Denied

The permissions to the profiles must be correct as users often manage to log in completely normally. I have yet to find any consistent pattern to the problem.

The client PCs are all running Windows 7 Pro and the RODC is running Windows 2008 R2. We have three DCs on the main network, 2 x Win 2003, 1 x Win 2008 R2

Can anyone help?
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Richard_MacbethAuthor Commented:
We eventually gave up on this, demoted the sever and promoted it to a full DC - it's fine now. I suspect some kind of permissions issue or something along those lines, but we never did find out for sure.
Try to remove the particulat client machine from the domain and put it back also try disabling the firewall if any on the client.

Also make sure that you have latest patches installed on the machines.

If still issue persist, please attach the complete event log and also want to know that the issue is with the selected user or it is randomly selected users.

Sometimes it also happens due to network issue, so please check this aswell.(the connectivity between the client and server).
Richard_MacbethAuthor Commented:
I will try removing and re-adding the PC, however:

- The domain firewall is already disabled
- The PCs are all patched up to date
- I certainly don't have any evidence of a network problem - I can RDP to the workstations and the RODC
- This happens with different users and different PCs apparently at random.
- I don't think that there are any other relevant error messages in the logs, but I'll try and get them together anyway
Richard_MacbethAuthor Commented:
No solution found - eventually gave up and converted to a full DC instead. Other sites have working RODCs.
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