x64 printer server - x86 clients - Is this config possible?

Hi all,

Ive just built a 2008 R" 64bit server with the intention of making it a print server. I have a mixture of 32bit and 6bit clients. I was thinking a would be able to add the 32 and 64 bit drivers to my print connections but i dont appear able. Is this possible in anyway?

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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Yes, you can add x86 drivers when shares the printers. Click on printer properties, sharing and aditional drivers.

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If you run through the wizard when you make your server a print server, it will ask you to install a host of different drivers for all clients which could use the server.

Or as Drashiel said, you can add drivers to printers which are already installed on your system.
MJB2011Author Commented:
Great! one more question Im going to install the HP universal driver should i use the PCL5 or 6 Driver?

Thanks for your help
I've always used the PCL5... Seems to work with all O/S's.
Yes you can - but it is more complicated as mentioned, i personally had a lot of issues with it before i found this article:


"Step 1. Share a x64 print queue out

On the x64 Windows Vista RTM/SP1 or a x64 Windows Server 2008 RTM
Login with the Domain Administrator account or Local Admin account
Click on Start, Control Panel, Printers, Press the ALT button or Click on Organize, Layout, Menu Bar
Click on File
Click on Run as administrator
Click on Add Printer...
Choose "Add a local printer" or "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer"

And go through the rest of the steps to install a printer and make sure that you share it for example PrintShare1.

Step 2. Add the x86 print driver

On a x86 Windows Vista RTM/SP1 or a x86 Windows Server 2008 RTM
Login with the Domain Administrator account
Click on Start, \\x64W2K8 PrintServer (or a x64 Vista acting as a Print Server)
Double click on "Printers"
Right click on the PrintShare1
Click on the "Sharing" tab
Click on the "Additional Drivers..."
Check the box for 'x86 Type 3 - User Mode'
Click on Ok
Click on Close

Method 2 (Alternate):

On a x64 Windows Vista RTM/SP1 or a x64 Windows Server 2008 RTM
Click on Start, Control Panel
Double click on Printers
Press the ALT button


Click on Organize, Layout, Menu Bar
Click on File, Run as administrator, Server Properties...
Click on the Drivers tab
Click on Add...
Click on Next
Uncheck the 'x64 Type 3 - User Mode'
Check the 'x86 Type 3 - User Mode'
Click on Have Disk...
Click on Browse... (to the x86 (32-bit) machine)



For example: \\x86W2K8\c$\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\prnhp001.inf_5fecfc5e\prnhp001.inf

Click on Open
Click on Ok
Under "Printers"
Select the print driver that you want to install
Click on Next
Click on Finish
Now you should be able to see the x86 print drivers installed under the "Processor" column.

Click on Close"

Adding them the way suggested in "Step 2" did not work for me and I had to use the alternative.

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