MS Windows - install in "silent mode" can't see progress and messages

Dear, I have "MyProgram Install 32Bit msi.exe" created by me in InstallShield.

I want run installer "silently" and get logs, How to do this?

I tried both and no result.
C:\test>msiexec /iv "MyProgram Install 32Bit msi.exe" /qn
get me some popup window of msiexec with options.

C:\test>"MyProgram Install 32Bit msi.exe" /s /v"/qn"
nothing happens.

Please advice what should I run and how to see logs.
Thank you in advance,

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Does it work fine if you dont do it in silent mode?

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longjumpsAuthor Commented:
yes, the installer works fine if not "SILENT" mode.

Please advice.
What do you have the msiexec /iv "MyProgram Install 32Bit msi.exe" /qn for? is IV a valid command?
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longjumpsAuthor Commented:
Reubenwelsh, I don't understand your questions. Do you know how to resolve the issue?

Do you know how to run in SILENT mode my file??

If you please answer.
Reubenwelsh is correct - the /iv is wrong it should be /lv (ie: lower case L for 'l'ogging. You are getting the pop-up because misexec doesn't recognise the parameter
longjumpsAuthor Commented:
I am getting popup for /lv also!

msiexec /lv "MyProgram Install 32Bit msi.exe" /qn

Please advice.
Can you confirm the following:-
if you execute without any parameters do you still get the popup?
- the popup will appear if the msi package is faulty so make sure its a valid msi

Are you executing this with full admin rights? - if its in a command window it may need to be elevated, note that a normally installed windows where you are the 'Administrator' does not have full admin rights
if its an installation, rather than a configuration you must add /i after the package name
if its across a network you need /a
The parameters have to be in the correct sequence - package, display, restart, logging and so on

longjumpsAuthor Commented:
I am executing in fully Administrator parameters.

This msi.exe is installed excellent without "silent" mode.

Once I record setup.iss file and play it, I get problems, e.g. few screens appear from UI and installation in "silent" completes with error.

"MyProgram Install 32Bit msi.exe" -r -f1setup.iss

"MyProgram Install 32Bit msi.exe" -s -f1setup.iss -f2status.txt


So how to make those UI screens that are still appears during silent installation that not appear and how to understand why installation is failed?

longjumpsAuthor Commented:
not exact solution
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