Check access right to the server takes 7-8 minutes

I have a problem with one user.

This user open and close his lotus notes client many times by day. And sometimes, to open his mailbox it takes 7-8 minutes with a message "check access right to the server..."...

We use ID Vault.

Have you a idea how to resolve this problem ?
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try his pc with a different user to see if its profile related and could be a profile error
LemosaAuthor Commented:
I do a new installation (totally new), on a new pc...but same problem...
I would recommend a recreation or atleast a recertification of the users ID file.

Sounds like the certificate is partially corrupt either in ID file or the address book entry.
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LemosaAuthor Commented:
I recertify the ID this morning...the problem persists this afternoon
so if the user is on a domain it can be a profile problem try it with a user that it works ok on the pc that has the problem
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
99% probability is is some kind of network issue.

Try the Preferences, Ports, and trace the connection to the server. Many potential pitfalls:
- wrong Connection document
- multiple conflicting Connection documents
- many obsolete addresses for the server in the Location document
- trying to open the db on one or more servers that no longer exist

See also:

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