Move system disc from one pc to another

I remember that is not suggested to switch disk from one comp to another. However I am interested if this would cause any problems. We are moving a system from optiplex 380 to optiplex 790 to an raid0 array. Clean install with all apps would take a long time so we are looking for some shortcuts.. Any suggestions?

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Just move the disk over, Windows 7 handles this a lot better the older OS's. If you where to hit any problems just reinstall the OS (not format->install) just reinstall right over the old OS.
You may create an image from the first system using Norton Ghost for example. Then, install this image on the new system.
This could cause problems if the bios seting are different for each computer. I would suggest mapping the disk or purchasing another disk for the other computer. You could also use a remote desktop program and access the other computer from any network or over the internet.
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The problems you get are usualy from drivers installed that arnt for the hardware you have. Ghostning wont really help those issues.
mertezAuthor Commented:
Drivers will not be a problem. I remeber that in the times of 98 and xp such thing were  not recommended with following blue screens etc.. Does maybe any of you tried this way?
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
It is indeed different for W7. W7 has all (usually) needed drivers included, but deactivated. So nothing will happen to your boot config if you just try it. Should you go into BSOD, a repair installation (as recommended above) should do.
However, be aware that you need to reactivate your W7 - that is (most likely) an important hardware change.
I would not switch disks as you would want to maintain a good copy.
Also make an image copy for keeps using ghost or similar before attempting anything..

Unless the hardware is very similar, I would not deploy the image to new machine, most chance of issues.
You can use sysprep/generalize, grab image and deploy. Best change of success as system had been prepped for new hardware.
Or you can have software do the same thing for you if you have the right software to grab image for install on bare metal, such as Acronis and others.
Depending on the type of registration you have, you may need to reactivate.
Good luck
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
as above, I'd make an image of the original disk first, and use that.  Acronis do some good tools here, with free trials too.
They say they can cope with different hardware too, but I haven't tested this feature.

If it failed, you might want to try PCmover from Laplink on a fresh install.

Acronis comes with an excellent feature called universal restore. Its an add-on, once installed will help you to restore image of once computer to in-different hardware without having any problems.
You can use the feature and restore it to any dummy workstation, once satisfied you can experiment on the actual machine.

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i prefer Paragon's  adaptive restore :
easy, user friendly, and faster than most i've used (acronis)
mertezAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your recommendations, probably we will give a try with acronis for which we have a licence.

@nobus:  Did you ever experience any problems when migrating systems with this tools, somethnig to be carefull?

On the current machine we have a DSPlicence.. Qlemo mentioned that we will have to reactive w7 again.. If I understand DSP licencsing that means that we will have to buy another licence or is somehow possible to use this licence futher?
you cannnot use the OEM licence on another pc - each licence is tied to the hardware
i must say i did not try it on OEM systems -  but it works fine for the rest
mertezAuthor Commented:
We have not tested yet the mentioned tools however because of the question inactivity I will close this thread. Thank you for your help!
you can always post results here!
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