Watchguard Firebox X550e Allow Traffic Between Trusted Interfaces

Hi There,

I have a Watchguard Firebox X550e device.

I have added a second 'Trusted' Interface so that an additional network can be used for security cameras and their server.

eth0 External (Internet) Static Public IP Address
eth1 Trusted (Internal LAN)
eth2 Trusted (Internal Camera Network)

I have managed to allow access to the Security Camera Server ( from an external source IP without any problems, but I am not able to allow traffic between the 2 Trusted Internal interfaces. I would like to be able to allow Any type of traffic via Any port between the 2 Trusted interfaces. I have created the following policy in an attempt to allow this:

Policy Type = Any
From = Any-Trusted
To = Any-Trusted

This will not allow the Security Camera Server (eth2) to access a device on the Internal LAN Network (eth1) which is what is required.

So... what exactly do I need to do in order to allow the 2 internal networks to communicate as if they were 1?

Any Help will be greatly appreciated! :-)

Many Thanks!
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try this rule :

Your trusted name from
Your trusted 2 name

the same 2 entries
DTS-TechAuthor Commented:
Hi setasoujiro, thanks for your reply. What you suggestion had been tried previously but I have tried it once again with no luck. I am still unable to ping the Security Camera Server ( from the Domain Controller ( on the existing network, though I can ping the interface on eth2 (

Any assistance would be appreciated

Thanks in advance
Can you enable the rule as i said, and then look in the watchguard traffic monitor?
to see if there is anything blocked?
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The rule you added looks correct; also adding both subnet in "from" and "to" should do the trick.

I would like to double check that the second interface you are using is indeed added with interface type as "Trust".
Go to Network->Configuration; select the interface you have added; click Configure; check the value for "Interface Type"; if not already Trusted; change it to Trusted.

If still nothing; then I would check default gateway on the machines; they must be the respective interface IP address of your WG firewall. Further ensure that there is no personal firewall or antivirus with firewall capabilities blocking the traffic.

Please check and update.

Thank you.

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DTS-TechAuthor Commented:
Apologies guys... we have been distracted with another issue at another client site.

We'll be testing the suggested resolutions today and shall report back on their effectiveness.

Thanks for all of your help. Talk soon. :-)
Be careful with the auto ordering.  If you are trying to ping, which is port specific, it will be placed higher in the list than the rule that allows any traffic. Then you would never get to your rule for trusted any to trusted any.
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