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SQL server 2008 Stress/Load Generator Script

Hi All,
I need to test a database transaction rate as well as performance of a SQL server 2008 before handing it over to a 3rd party who will be installing their application against my SQL install.  

I need to make sure that my installation does stand their workload and scrutiny. The workload is not defined but they need something which will support thousands of transactions a minute.

Does anyone here have a T-SQL script which can
-      Create some sample tables with indexes, clustered indexes , triggers etc to simulate real schema
-      Insert millions of records in them ( To test insert x’action rate)
-      Then update those records ( To test update x’action response time )
-      Finally delete millions of records   ( To test delete x’action response time )

The application will first create raw seed data and then update over time. I used SQLIO to bencmark SAN speed but now need SQL x'action speed details.

Many Thanks
1 Solution
lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
You realize that these are very much dependent on the Hardware and Software environment where SQL is running and data is hosted right?

In the past we used "Vantage" in the past with very much success to proof our clients the app can run soo many concurrent users and soo many transactions in a given hard/soft environment


More recently I used SQLStress - please see link below:

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