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automatically backup oracle database: use task sheduler?

Hi I want to auto back up my oracle database. I ran the command below in the command prompt

exp XX/XXXX file=D:\MANUALTASKS\ManualTasks.dmp log=D:\MANUALTASKS\MANUALTASKS.log tables=MANUAL_TASKS rows=yes indexes=no

imp XX/XXXX file=D:\MANUALTASKS\ManualTasks.dmp full=yes

and it all seemed to work fine. So the next step then is to set this up so that I don't have to do it each day, and also each day to save into a new file so that I can go back to a certain point in time to backup if necessary.

how is it best to do this? I was thinking of perhaps creating some console application and running daily in the task sheduler... but I've never tried to run command line code from visual studio so not even sure if it can be done. How should I go about this?
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