Lotus Domino R8.5.x with R7 NAB template design

Client currently has multiple R7 servers but needs to upgrade their fax server software (Eskerfax) and wants to put R8.5.x in to start with on the new 2008 R2 server rather than keeping with 7.0.x and having to upgrade over coming months.

Now... of course we normally always update the admin server first etc. and I have always ran the "right" NAB version for the newest server, but I have seen people running R8 design with R7 servers for instance.

In this case they want to keep the R7 design and run the 8.5.x servers so would appreciate any thoughts, or links to tech docs which back up that this is OK.

The IBM (and other) documents I have found show that people have run with R8 NAB on R7 but haven't seen any official IBM docs on it, and we are talking the other way around.

So in summary ---> 5-6 x R7 servers.  One to be replaced with new built R 8.5.x server but without upgrading directory.

Was thinking would just "say no" to upgrading design on first startup, remove the pubnames.ntf and admin4.ntf templates and turn off design task for starters.

Any comments appreciated.


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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAsked:
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As you have noticed in documentation it is normally better to have the 8.5 server upgrade the directory design as it is backwardly compatible.

I have R6 servers running in a domain with R8.5.2 servers and directory with no issue so far. Just some config options in the server doc are not applicable to the server.

In reverse a similar forward compatibility exists for the server. The 8.5 server will look at the server doc and decide that some values don't exist and populate the doc with defaults. If you don't upgrade the design then they will exist as fields but be no form/subform to allow editing.

I cannot specifically say it will work but having done R7 to R8 migrations I haven't seen anything that would stop an R8.5 server running in the proposed environment. Other elements and agents that run on admin server etc are either EXE based functions independent of database or stored in admin4.nsf for adminp as an example.

The option itself to upgrade the directory is a Y/N option because it is not a requirement for server functionality, only to ensure you can administarte effectively.

Is there a possibility to install the 8.5 server in it's own domain an then just have it cross certified and have adjacent domain records ? You can then integrate it back into the domain once you do the primary upgrade ?


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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the detailed response.  Much as I think by the sounds of it but good to get other input as you can imagine,

We could bring it into it's on domain but everything is already configured within the same domain so they didn;t want to re-invent the wheel but due to parent company restrictions etc. are currently not 'allowed' to upgrade the NAB to R8.5 design.

As you say if any additional fields are created it wouldn't be an issue and they would just effectively be invisible and obviously new functions like ID Vault etc. wouldn;t be configurable.

Whether the server would complain about specific views being missing or the like I guess we'll have to find out in a quick test environment perhaps unless someone else has done specifically this.

Will see if anyone else has ideas too but thanks for the response so far.

   Hi there dragon-it,,,

- Why don't you  upgrade both the template and the ODS of the mailbox , NAB ect to the latest available version to have a use of all the features of 8.5
Moreover, to avoid any inconvenience which may be caused or any other issue .

Note: Notes7 is out of support by IBM since April 2011 .

Best Regards

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:
we know re R7 support... Run 8.5.2 ourselves....  have worked with some coporates with r5 servers alongside 6 and 7 recently still too.

This place has plans for 8.5.x but for this issue just needs and can only put in this ONE 8.5 server and they can NOT upgrade anything on the other boxes yet or ideally run a second domain.

The other non replicating templates it is neither here nor there like mail.boxes but nab, admin4 etc. Cannot change the other boxes.

If i remove those templates, dont run design, or say yes to upgrade then no issue there.  admin4 and nab will replicate over and go from there.

Can setup specific replication in connection etc. Too of course.

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.  Will discuss with the guys there and would like to set it up separate too but think will end up with 8.5 server using 7 NAB design after a bit of testing first.

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