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Extend formulas using macro


I have tons of formulas on nearly 20 tabs (each consisting 30 col x 1000 rows). Half of the tables are not populated with user data but the formula is there in anticipation so that if a user enters something, the fields would be populated accordingly.

The problem is, my file is now 55mb. I want to reduce it and done some research. I've seen one way is to reduce redundant formulas.

Is there a way to extend formula above based on a cell in a column being populated?

Such that, write a macro to see if A1 is populated, then the macro would pull down B1, C1, D1, etc which would house seperate formulas

I understand you can get the formula into VBA (dynamic) but I want to see if above is possibile?

If then any directions is much appreciated!

I've got the following code (please see below) but I want to see if this can be done live. Especially, in accordance with the user input (say user inputs 800 rows, then the formula goes down 800 rows)

Thank you!

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