How can i get an MSI to call a BAT file when installation complete?


I never really do any packeting but we got a small app we need to send out, and to register the application we need to run a bat file.

How can i get Wise8 to run a BAT when installation is complete? I know wise can execute a VBS but im terrible with VBscripts so i havnt really got a chance rewriting this.
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ReubenwelshAuthor Commented:
To clearify: The installation completes without any problems in my test environment, but i need to run this BAT files manualy to register the application every time, I would like to skip this part.
Add this to your WISE script:

C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd.exe /c "%TestDIR%\abc.bat"

change "%TestDIR%\abc.bat" to YOUR bat file!
ReubenwelshAuthor Commented:
I dont need anything else in the wise script? I thought i would need a load of headers etc like you do in VBS...
This is why i hate when our packeting guy goes on holiday :)...

Thanks ill try it out tomorrow and get back to you!
No... That should do it!  (Don't like simple answers?)...

You MIGHT consider the following:
+ If C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 is already in the path, you could TRY just cmd.exe /c
+ If it is a strong possibilty that the WINDOWS path might be in a different place, consider using the variable %WINDIR% as in:   %WINDIR%\system32\cmd.exe /c "{batfile.bat}"

Other than that, should work for you!

Good luck!

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