access rights to files on server 2008

I need to modify a few files and folders so people cant delete them but the tricky part is that i need them to have rights to edit and rename.. after doing some research it looks like if they have edit and modify rights the delete rights come along.???? is this correct?
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You are correct...

Think about it... If you can rename it (so other people can't find it by the original name!) isn't that just as good as deleting it?

If you give people only READ access, they can make copies and edit them while keeping the original intact!
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Give the users Modify permission, then under Advanced (on the Security tab for the folder in question), use the Change Permissions feature to change the users' Modify permission so they can't "Delete subfolders and files".  That should do it.
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