psp paste error.... seems to cut a part of image and stick it to the left :S

ok so i get an image that i want to copy and when i paste it it some how tiles it as shown below.

How do i stop this?

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What are you copying from, and what are you pasting into?

Do you have all the updates for your version of PSP? Select Help from the Menu and click on “Check for update”

If you have PSP x3 here are the patches and  updates:

If you have PSP x4: (or use the drop down menu on this page to select another version of PSP)

Yes in order for us to assist you we require those details to determin if it is the actual copy method or the paste method, what you paste it into could effect the result, say for example if you paste it into a body of an email as a background that may tile it causing this effect
You may need to save it first then use the appropiate method in the software enviroment where this image will be used.
Are you  using the snippet tool or maybe the print screen to copy it and then pasting it into what?
Thank you

runnerjp2005Author Commented:

all im doing is selecting an image e.g from goole... right clicking it and hitting paste.

then if i paste it into say paint it pastes the image fine but if i paste the image into psp it does like the above

im using psp x4
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Try saving the image off goole< you mean google? to your desktop first
r/clicking it may not get the entire image if it's imbedded in a web page the name woudl be a URL as well, give it a new name
runnerjp2005Author Commented:
it semms to be any image i copy outside of psp
Probably is better to right click on the image and save image. Then go to PSP and insert it

David BruggeCommented:
Are you pasting this into a new Photoshop file, or one that is already open.

When you open a new file in Photoshop, it reads the dimensions of any image that you have in the clipboard, then offers to make your new file the same size. The behavior that you are describing would indicate that that is not taking place, unless you are getting the same results when you paste into a file that you know is larger than the image.

To find out exactly what is happening, select an image on the web and right click it. Depending on what browser you are using, you will have a selection such as Properties (Internet Explorer) or View Image Info (Firefox) Select it and read the dimensions of the image.

Then copy the image and open a new file in Photoshop. When the dialogue box comes up, check the dimensions. It should be the same as the image that you just copied. If it is the same, add another 300 pixels to both height and width. When the file opens, paste your image in there.

If things are working correctly, you should have your entire image pasted, with a 150 pixel space all the way around it.

If this is not what happens, let us know and we'll go from there.

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