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I have an intranet site for our company where everything fits perfectly in a 1280x800 resolution. However, some users like to use the 800x600 resolution to see other applications or sites better. I was wondering if there is a way set a webpage where the content size stays fixed no matter the screen resolution.
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You will need to apply CSS to the pages. You can simply set the main content width to 100% and it will take care of the problem, but it might break the layout a bit. The other option would be to use CSS media queries:
abgtempAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, I think my question may wasn't that clear. I'm actually looking for a way to keep the font and image sizes the same size, no matter what the user sets their screen resolution to.
That is a little more difficult to do, but you can do that using the media queries too. You just have to make sure all your images have styles applied that will increase/decrease based on the window size.

Personally, I don't think it is worth what you are trying to do - assuming I understand you correctly.

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