DS3400 SATA/SAS harddrives locked to device

Do DS3400s from IBM lock the hard drives to a specific controller? and if so is there anyway to unlock/release them to use in another system?

I ask this because we recently got 2 DS3400 from an eBay dealer.  I'm testing them to see if they work properly. I can put the Drives in one of the DS3400s it sees all the drives and the same in the controller. Now when I switch the drives out to the second ds3400 and switch the enclosure to it the second one it sees the enclosure but no drives and same as the drives in the DS3400 itself. Then if I stick fresh disks in the second DS3400 sees them. Unfortunately I only have 6 drives to test on the DS3400 and I have 60 bays to test. Is there a setting in the device to release the disks? I haven't seen it anywhere but I am a complete newbie to this hardware.
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Gerald ConnollyCommented:
The DS3400 stores its configuration on the disks attached to the controller. It puts multiple copies on multiple disks.
Crossroads305Author Commented:
Did not cover all of my question but gave me a path in the right direction.
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