Exchange 2007 SP3 upgrade FAILED - WHY?


I was wondering if someone could look at our exchange logs and tell me why the SP3 upgrade failed.  I performed the PrepareAD switch to Active Directory then ran Setup. Setup just was moving along fine and then poof setup window was gone. Rebooted and tried again and it said setup was in an incosistant state and disaster recovery mode was only available.  I then restored a backup I took with BackupExec 12 and then none of the services were starting. I had to call MS support to fix the issue.


The date in the log that i started the upgrade was September 29th around 5:45PM ExchangeSetup.log
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Im a little unlclear about what state your exchange is in? also whats the layout of servers? is this a single multi role server or a cluster? there are specific instructions to deploy service packs to clusters.

Anyway when Exchange setup fails, it leaves a water mark in the registry in order to continue where it left off if you exit and restart setup, this is great until something goes wrong then your teft with exchange being inconsistent. Usually deleting the watermark enables you to rerun setup and hopefully complete the installation.

What you would do is delete registry keys (with care) relating to the unpacked version, in some cases I have had to modify the installed version keys to fool Exchange into thinking it's got a lower version of the binaries and thus forces a full reinstall of the service pack.
TPRaysAuthor Commented:
My exchange is working fine now. We called MS Support and got it back up and running. What I need to know (rather others need to know) is Why the servicepack 3 update failed and caused our exchange server to be down for this amount of time.  Is this common? Did I do somthing wrong? Ect..

We have Two Exchange servers one is the main server and the other is the DR server at the DR site, that is doing SCR.
South ModModeratorCommented:

I changed the zones for this question from

--Exchange Email Server

--Exchange Email Server

Community Support Moderator
Its not possible to download the log file from EE for some reason but you can review the logfile and extract the errors using a nice powershell command

Get-SetupLog c:\exchangesetuplogs\exchangesetup.log - error -tree

Open in new window

Assuming the log location is c:\exchangesetuplogs\exchangesetup.log, this command will parse the log file and display errors or warnings. Once you know where setup failed it will be possible to investigate that issue further.

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