Hi, I have just gone through the companies method for windows updates, and its seems amazingly labour intensive. I have yet to find out the reasons for not "just" using" wsus so can we assume this is sthe mothod of choice just looking for corners to cut.

secure environment

WSUS server out of domain just sat on adsl line.

when a list of updates gets approved by the patch release people.
we go to this machine and approve for install the releavnt updates
taking note of the url of each eg CF\238923R38JFDSJ and the KB

then they are approved in WSUS    then the folder is compared to the old one and the new files piped out to a NEw folder, thus giving me all the files i need to do this months updates.

i then usb this on to the real enviroemnt do the testing, and then it all goes in to SCCM for deployment.

when you add in the paperwork and the long list of variables xp32 xp64 2003 32 etc etc its a really big piece of work and just seems wastful of my time.  

we allso create uninstall files for each for SCCM.

so basic questions is,  do you use SCCM to deploy WSUS and if so what method do you use to get only th eupdate syou want in to sccm, (no internet connection!!)

hope that makes sense.
winodws 2003 sccm2007  
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Holy Crap! Who thought of that method ?

But seriously :) have you gone over the following

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do you have a requirement for an "air gap" ?

mhamerAuthor Commented:
Air gap is just for testing, live do have internet connection

when i say test there more integration rigs, so its our method that gest used.

Last compoany i used WSUS and it was fine,  this just sems such a ball ache to do  (because im doing it this month.

in a way the method works is secure, deals with testing double checks they uninstall etc.

but, you know when you choose a particular KB in wsus, it downloads every iteration not just say 2003 64  is that doable?

ill read links when rugrats are in bed cheers
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mhamerAuthor Commented:
hi fisrt link is pretty much what we do, we have extra steps to thin out the downloads but principle is same
mhamerAuthor Commented:
oh, and was just told   "we" only want one delivery mechanism in live so thats where SCCm comes in rather than using WSUS seperatly.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
".....when you choose a particular KB in wsus, it downloads every iteration not just say 2003 64  is that doable?"

WSUS only downloads approved updates, each Kb will have a different version for each OS<<<so you would have to approve each iteration.

Are you using any approval rules on the disconnected WSUS?
if the air gap isn't a requirement, then get rid of it :-)

at least you can then copy over the network
you can configure which operating systems you want to pull updates for in WSUS, as well as languages etc...

mhamerAuthor Commented:
Sorry bad phrasing
Air gap is just for testing department, but the packages get made here for deployment inline
So air gap is needed. Not wanted by anyone  just needed.  Custom requirement.

Iwilltake a closer look, But last tine u dud it.
Choose  say ms11 70  and kb1234567  right click approve

Right click file info has about 30 files. Some self contained several languages etc

It is my first time t using ways rather than making use of it. So if your saying I can filter out the other files before download then great
launch wsus

go to options, then

Products and Classifications & Update Files and Languages
mhamerAuthor Commented:
hi products and classifications and languages all set as they should be,  each of the folders has a lot of files in  (EF, AB, 12 etc) due to that same file being used over diffrent updates.

I think a clear down is in order then only new files will be visible.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I think you are really waisting your time trying to filter out specific OS versions of updates. Client PC's will only request updates that they need. They wont install/request updates that dont apply.

You say "hi products and classifications and languages all set as they should be,"

how many languages do you have selected?? If more than 1, are they needed?
mhamerAuthor Commented:
just english

we are not using WSUS for deployment, collections are used in SCCM
mhamerAuthor Commented:
No real answer given to "our" set up but good commenst and links.
will try change the way we do instead.
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