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Can't seem to programmatically move a custom "control" when parent is set to a picturebox

Hi Experts,

I am stumped.  I cannot seem to move my custom "control" programmatically (just a class inheriting from a control class really) when I set the parent to a picturebox.  I do this because I need to be able to have the controls background to be translucent or see-through in varying degrees.  Sample app code is attached.  Perhaps it is something simple but I have looked at it up, down, sideways, and backwards, and can't seem to make it do what I want which is to simply move the whole control programmatically through code.  Currently, only one of the elements contained in the "control" gets moved and not anything else.  I also tried putting it into a custom usercontrol figuring I'd see a difference but had the same results.  Sample is attached.

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