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I came across a study guide on MS Excel that said if you only have 1 column then it is a list, but if you have more than 1 column it is 2 dimensional...Thus, in the below example what is the second dimension  ?  What is the first dimension ?

First Name Last Name
Jack            Smith
Mary            Smith
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If you only have a column, is a list because the column number is always 1. Example:

(row,column): (1,1) (2,1) (3,1) etc...

If you have two columns, you can refer to each value by change row and column coordinates. Example:

(1,1) (1,2) (2,1) (2,2) etc...

On the example you provided, the 2nd dimension is the second column (Last Name).

Perhaps the comment in the guide was taken out  of context.
The dimension is up to you, i.e., dermined by how you are choosing to address the data...

First Name Last Name  Street   City
Jack            Smith    streeta  citya
Mary            Smithy    streetb   cityb

one-dimensional horizontal array:  Jack, Smith,    streeta,  citya,
one dimensional vertical array:   First Name; Jack;  Mary;

two-dimensional array  (Last Name, Jack;)   result= Smith
two-dimensional array  (Street, Mary;)  result= streetb

two-dimensional array  (Last Name, Jack; City, Mary;)  result= (a list result..)  Smith, cityb

Oh, and ippinto is right.  It does well to add that 'if you only have a row, its a list...'  etc holds equally true.

Note that row data is separated by commas, whereas columnar data is separated by semicolons.

In my table above:
For Row one - (1,2,3,4) = First Name, Last Name, Street, City

For Row two - (1,2,3,4) = Jack, Smith, streeta, citya

Within this context, those are both one-dimensional horizontal arrays.

For Column one:  (1;2;3;) = First Name; Jack; Mary
Within this context, this is a one-dimensional Vertical array

(1,1; 3,3) referencing a two dimensional array.
The result is  First Name; streetb

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upobDaPlayaAuthor Commented:
Thanks all..this helped me explain two dimensions to the class
Glad that helped. Thank you for the assignment ;^)
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