CA ArcServe r15 Deduplication Purge Problem

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We have been running 2 deduplication jobs for about 3 months now on our backup server running Arcserve r15.  The jobs were set to purge data after 4 weeks for full backups and 2 weeks for incrementals.  The Arcserve DB seems to show that the sessions have in fact been purged, but the storage appliance is running out of room because the session data files have not been deleted.  Has anyone had this happen before and does anyone know how to solve it?  I need the software to automatically delete the files associated with the purged sessions, as I would imagine it should.
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In the deduplication device group settings, there should be a setting labelled 'disk reclamation'. you can set this to expedited reclamation.

Expedited reclaiming will free up disk space as soon as available. Delayed reclaiming will only free up in idle times or re-use the white spaces for subsequent jobs.

But be aware that expedited reclamation may lead to heavy fragmentation of your volume and eventually impact your IO throughput.
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aeveganAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  It was set to expedited reclaimation, but the files weren't deleting.  Yesterday I tried to see what would happen when I changed that to Delayed, still no result.  At some point I need to delete those files.  Does the index contain references to files that were created before the purge of sessions occurred?  Because I am thinking to just delete some of the older files that are prior to any sessions currently showing in the restoration panel since I have no other choice.

After purging suppose that the files with dates before the last purged session should be deleted, yeah?
You should not delete files from the deduplication device file structure as it may invalidate the whole device. Instead use the command line tool ca_devmgr.exe as in:
ca_devmgr.exe -purge 2 1 0 -sessions 1-18

where "2 1 0" refers to the device you want to purge from. Get this information from ca_devmgr.exe -groupinfo or user the ARCserve Manager GUI and determine Board, SCSI ID and LUN from the Deduplication Device.

and "1-18" lists the sessions you want to purge.

When the information is not in the database anymore, this only means ARCserve has pruned the catalogs. So the data is there, but the metadata has been cleaned up. Run a merge on the device to read the catalog data back into the database. You can then create a report listing all session data from the device. Use this report to determine which sessions can safely be purged from the device.

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